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Summit Circus Events

December 13th, 2011 · News

It will be a weekend of education, fitness, and fun!  In the house will be 3 amazing entertainers and instructors visiting from Kansas City.  Workshops will be offered by Luna Breeze, Robin Rose, and Jason Divad in three different areas of focus.  The weekend will wrap up on Sunday with a spin jam at the STL Hoop Club studio from 1-4pm at 2720 Cherokee located on Cherokee Street in St. Louis.

Saturday, December 17 @ 12p-1:15p Conditioning with Luna Breeze @JENNuineFire Studios / take all 3 for $45 or $20 each

Sunday, December 18 @11a-1p Trickster to Performer! with Jason Divad @2720 Cherokee / take all 3 for $45 or $20 each


WHD St. Louis Post Wrap-Up

November 15th, 2011 · News

World Hoop Day in St. Louis last weekend was a truly special event.  Featured were 8 workshops that consisted of several flow related arts and skill levels.  In addition to the workshops we hosted a hoop building workshop, a kids playshop, a hoop art show, and a stunning Art of Flow showcase.  Special guests in attendance included Sammy Sunshyne from Omaha and Luna Breeze from Kansas City.   Other hoop clubs got involved too!   Special thanks goes out to the Hoop Connections and T-Roy Hoop Club for all their help.

All our efforts produced a beautiful event filled with special moments and lots of spinning.  We were donated an astounding 118 hoops that will be given to the Shaw School in St. Louis as part of our contribution to improving kids lives with healthy activities.  We are excited about our growing relationship and future with the local school districts.


World Hoop Day in St. Louis

November 8th, 2011 · News

World Hoop Day St. Louis

11-11-11 / 4-9 pm / $15 Admission / $10 with at least one hoop donation


Art of Flow Showcase
Spin Jam with the Bottoms Up Blues Gang
Art of Flow Art Show / Kids Zone with Hoop Connections / Hoop Building Workshop / Door prizes

Workshops Taught By:

Luna Breeze from Kansas City / Geoff Hartman from St. Louis
Michelle Schaeffer from St. Louis / Jenn Rauscher from St. Louis / Sammy Sunshyne from Nebraska
Erica Burroughs From St. Charles  / Brandy Misuraca from St. Peters / Kyle Struharik from St. Louis

Our Mission

World Hoop Day St. Louis is proud to be celebrating our 3rd event. We will be working hard to maintain our goal of donating 100 hand-made hoops to the St. Louis Public Schools. This year’s school is The Shaw School located on The Hill. We have donated over 200 hoops in the last two years and it does make a difference in a chid’s life.  If you would like to make a donation of money, hoops, or hoop building products to the STL Hoop Club-please send an email to

—–Event Details——

*Activity locations will be given at the event-guests of the event are free to join and leave during the workshops to try others. Guests are also free to observe workshops in action. A limited number of hoops will be available for use. If you own a hoop or two in addition to your donation please bring it-
Hoop Building Workshop
Kids Play-Shop
with Hoop Connections
Foot Floor with Luna Breeze
(please bring yoga mat if you have one)
Sustained Spinning and Vertical Plane with Sammy Sunshyne
Intro to Flow with Michelle Schaeffer
Intro to Hooping- the basics with Brandy Misuraca
Intro to Aerial with Jenn Rauscher
5:30-6:30pm (Erica)
Spatial Awareness with Erica Burroughs
Intro to Hooping- the basics with Kyle Struharik
Intro to POI with Geoff Hartman
7-8:00 pm
Art of Flow Showcase
Black Light Bubble Jam w/Bottoms Up Blues Gang!


World Hoop Day St. Louis 2011

October 1st, 2011 · News

SHAPING UP! St. Louis could not be more excited about 11-11-11.  The event is really shaping up and coming to life.  There will be workshops given by many talented individuals-  Workshops at the event include:

  • Foot and Floor Hooping / Luna Breeze
  • Vertical Planes and Isolations / Sammy Sunshine
  • Hoop Flow / Michelle Schaeffer
  • Intro to Aerial / Jenn Rauscher
  • Spatial Awareness / Erica Burroughs

In addition to workshops, enjoy many other activities:

  • Kids zone hosted by Hoop Connections
  • Art of Flow fine art showcase that includes live art
  • Art of Flow Performance Showcase
  • Black-light bubble jam / Tekno Bubbles / bluegrass by Elemental Shakedown
World Hoop Day St. Louis is a celebration of the hoop and so much more.  Attending this event will introduce you to other hoopers and spinners, contribute to an amazing cause, and satisfy the soul.  Hooping does change lives.  It has changed ours for the better and can change yours.  Please check out the links below for the full amazing details about the World Hoop Day events.



Amazing Hoop Workshop with Luna

March 24th, 2011 · News

-Awakening the Kundalini-

Multi Hoop Performance and Native American inspired hoop mandalas

A preview of Luna’s Hoop Camp workshop for 2011
4/10/11 – 1pm – 2720 Cherokee – $45 or $40 with a couples discount

With a balanced combination of imagery, technique, humor, and spirit, Luna Breeze will lead all abilities levels though a simple and meditative practice that will utilize the metaphor of Kundalini rising, to open up energy channels of the root, solar, heart and crown chakra. By the end of the class you will have developed a more gentle, enjoyable and peaceful multi-hoop practice. Starting with one hoop building to four, we will work from the root chakra up, as we allow the literal Kundalini within us, to release and guide all four hoops around us effortlessly. Sri Ramana Maharshi maintained that the kundalini energy is nothing but the natural energy of the Self, and that the individual mind of thoughts cloaks this natural energy from unadulterated expression. Together, we will break down these barriers of our mind that keep us from flowing freely and maintaining multiples on our body.

Register by sending an email to