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Holiday Hoop Jam Potluck

October 16th, 2016 · News

Hey hoopers! Let us gather and break bread at 2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center on November 20th from 1-3pm.  All are welcome and hoops will be around to share.  Free!


Visit our facebook event page here


Hooping for the Holidays

December 19th, 2013 · News

As the holiday season surrounds us, so does the desire to move.  The St. Louis Hoop Club has been busy coordinating, collaborating, and preparing for an exciting new year in 2014.  To wrap-up the year and roll into the new, we are taking part in several events, offering new classes, and workshops for the near future.  We hope you join us in the hoop.

December 20th

An Old Fashion Christmas Show @ Elks Lodge, Granite City Illinois

January 3rd

NIGHT JAM at Gateway Flex

January 6th

Mondays Mini Fit Dance Fusion / Mondays All Levels Hoop Dance



ARTOPIA 2013 to feature Cosmic Collaborative

August 21st, 2013 · News

Guests of Artopia can expect a night filled with creativity and exciting entertainment complete with: 2 fashion shows, live music, art displayed in myriad form, cultural dance performances, plenty of food & drink, and much more!  Check out the official Artopia website for more details and to purchase tickets and the Artopia Event on Facebook to stay current on the latest event updates.  Tickets will be sold at a discount for a limited time.   Check out the re-cap from last years event.

RFT’s 2012 Artopia from emily kohler on Vimeo.

The Cosmic Collaborative will be giving an LED Showcase outdoors around 9:30pm near the runway area.


Film Expo and Visual Collaboration by Jerod Welker (Film Maker), Peat Wollaeger (International Stencil Graffiti Artist), and Jake Wheeler (Welding Artist)

Live painting by Jenifer Hayes, Davide Weaver, and many more!

Live project by: Body Art Photo Squad!


Dance performances by:
STL Hoop Club
Bumbershoot Aerial Arts
Tango Dance performances and Demos by COCA
Performance by Team 2.0


Music by DJ Who, and more TBA!

Jazz and pop music by: Mathew Dale


Food from 5 area Food Trucks will be available for purchase from the following. Please stay tuned for an update list of Food Trucks!


The World Tour – Dreaming Circles

July 26th, 2013 · News

The Bags and Valentina World Tour is making a stop in St. Louis.  The Club will be hosting two days of unique workshops for the tour on August 10th and August 11th, 2013.  To register for any or all of the below offerings visit THIS LINK.





ALL 4 Workshops, only $100 or TWO Workshops on Saturday or Sunday only $50! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013 – 03:00 pm

2720 Cherokee, St. Louis MO

ST. LOUIS: Belly Hoop Dance Fusion w/ Valentina, 3-4:30pm – Saturday, August 10th – $30

Belly dance while you hoop! Learn basics in the ancient art of belly dance and how to incorporate them into your hooping technique. This workshop will expand your expressive range by focusing on the dance of hoop dance. We will break out of the restrictive nature of trick-based hooping by getting our bodies moving. Get ready to sweat! Belly-Hoop Dance is even more of a workout (mentally and physically) than just hooping! Using your arms, shoulders, chest, hips and core to shimmy, undulate and accentuate your hooping will give you a unique style, a new way to embody your music and an amazing workout! Watch Belly Hoop Dance Fusion:

ST LOUIS: Doubly Different w/ Bags, 4:30-6pm – Saturday, August 10th – $30

Learn some unusual 2 hoop tricks that don’t fit into standard on-body or poi-style categories. These will include the Hugulator 3000 and the Atomic Lips. This workshop will make you look at two hoops in a different way. Watch Bags in action!


ST LOUIS: Balances & Rolls w/ Bags, 3-4:30pm – Sunday, August 11th – $30

Learn to balance a hoop in various different ways and discover how this can improve your rolls. We’ll start by balancing carrier bags (trust me on this one) and then we’ll explore balancing the hoop on the hands, face and other parts of the body. We’ll then move on to some interesting and accessible rolls and movements which compliment them. Watch Bags in action!

ST LOUIS: Into to Hoop Burlesque w/ Valentina, 4:30-6pm – Sunday, August 11th – $30

Multi-taking at it’s best…it’s Hoop Burlesque! Tap into your seductive circus freak! We will learn a short stage-ready choreography involving the three most important elements of Hoop Burlesque – tantalizing hoop tricks, dance choreography and strip tease. Special tips will be shared about costuming, removal logistics, exuding deliciousness, and the process of creating an exciting routine. We will have a brainstorming session discovering new ways to play with sexy articles of clothing and our hoops simultaneously. How can we manipulate our costume pieces as props in show-stopping creative ways? Watch Hoop Burlesque Here: Sign